Divine? Clever?

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Welcome to Divine, Clever, or Whatever! I’m Mary Mahan-Deatherage and I don’t know why God called me, but he did. He’s been my buddy my entire life and I guess he believes that I help others through him.

I’m a writer, a business owner, a graphic designer, a mom, a mess, a friend, an empty-nester of sorts. I’m a seeker, inquirer, survivor of many phenomena.

As a girl growing up in the 70s and coming of age in the 80s, I jumped on the feminist bandwagon that women can do it all and I still believe we can. But after decades of busting my butt – I now know we don’t have to! We can CHOOSE what we want our lives to become and there are varied ways to get there.

My parents supported and encouraged me – especially my Dad who told me more than once, “You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up and I’ll be here to help you!” As God would have it, he took Dad just eight weeks before I graduated from college with a degree in journalism. My plan was derailed, I was thrown into a tailspin without him. But Dad also taught me that God is always with me, protecting me and guiding me and that’s what drove me forward.

My life hasn’t been perfect but, I have been blessed with a lifetime of love in a supportive family. I’ve spent more than three decades with the love of my life, my husband, Greg. We have two children. My son, Travis, is a wonderful and loving husband to his beautiful wife, Tameka and their beyond beautiful son Remington – I can say that because I’m his Mimi! We are blessed to be welcoming their second baby in August of this year. My gorgeous daughter, Evanne is pictured here with my husband, Greg. She is embarking on a brillant career in the special makeup effects field. So, yes, life is joyful – not perfect but we live a joy rooted in God’s trust.


A free ride in a tiny, 3-man airplane was the compensation for my first professional creative effort as a 12-year-old. I won a design and writing contest in my rural county in northern Illinois.

On that blistering summer day, I was able to see my hometown and the lush jade, emerald and khaki farmland surrounding it from an aerial perspective. That ride helped me realize I could make a career out of my childhood passions – writing stories and coloring pictures. It also taught me that I was afraid of heights … and flying.

My blossoming entrepreneurial skills turned into a determined career. Years later, I completed a degree in Journalism and Advertising Design, then followed that up with an MBA in Strategic Marketing. I’ve built a 25+ year career writing and designing in corporate, legal, non-profit and medical fields.

I left the corporate world, several years ago to follow a dream of being my own boss, to write and design and live my life on my terms – and that’s when God came calling – literally.

He has asked me to use the writing talents he has given me to reach people with my stories of life, death, grief, joy. I’m living my life following God’s lead although I’m a stubborn half-Italian, half-Irish girl and those genetic roots get in the way of letting God handle ‘everything.’

When I’m Not Creating

I love road trips, live music, a bit of Jameson in my ginger ale, baseball and good conversation. When I have ‘me time’ (with quote marks it’s not a real thing – right?!) I like reading, biking, gardening or just hanging out with my snarky and hilarious family.