Reagan’s Library

“Be cautious especially when you cross Seventh Street,” she said holding my hands while looking directly into my eyes. “Choose a book and come straight home,” she admonished. I didn’t understand Mom’s trepidation at letting me walk the half mile to the Dixon Public Library. I’d done it a million times; this was the first... Continue Reading →

Everybody must get stoned …

Everybody must get stoned ... a most invasive earworm. Bob Dylan’s quirky song Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 topped the 1966 pop charts. I was a toddler. Listening to the raucous circus tune I'm transported to my aunt’s 1966 living room. Harvest gold carpet, a huge console that kept the record player, my teenage... Continue Reading →

Where have all the Brokaws gone?

Journalism class taught me to hunt for 5 W’s & H. Who. What. When. Where. Why. How. That’s it. Just the FACTS. Professors placed a huge red ‘F’ on an article containing a modicum of my opinion. They did it for the sanctity of Journalism – unbiased reporting to the public of events impacting daily... Continue Reading →

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