Where have all the Brokaws gone?

Fake News ConceptJournalism class taught me to hunt for 5 W’s & H. Who. What. When. Where. Why. How. That’s it. Just the FACTS. Professors placed a huge red ‘F’ on an article containing a modicum of my opinion. They did it for the sanctity of Journalism – unbiased reporting to the public of events impacting daily lives

Apparently, journalists are encouraged to assert opinions. I call it blogging. See, I’m doing it right now. I’m not claiming a news story. I am writing MY opinion. There’s a difference.

Is the last true journalist Tom Brokaw? You won’t hear Brokaw insert his judgment into a news story. Once opining regarding a world event, he stated, “This is my opinion …” before continuing. He’s a journalist. As a consumer learn the difference.

To be honest, I don’t give a damn how NCB’s Chuck Todd feels about a topic. I want him to tell me what’s happening without political bias. Many, like Chuck, feel we as Americans need to be told how to think. We don’t.

Not a conspiracy theorist by nature, I feel we’re being duped by the media. Garden variety sensationalism is the norm. Weather events are “Snowmageddon.” “Breaking News” – overused.

Brokaw cautioned members of the Press Corps during the Brokaw NBC 50th Anniversary Special, “We [journalists] have to be professional in what we do. It’s not about our personal feelings but it is an attempt to give the American people an accurate view of what is going on …”

Let’s not give biased journalism a voice regardless of political or religious affiliation. Take time to be informed. We are human, we are smart. Use your God-given intelligence to seek the truth. Don’t believe everything you read on social media. Forming an opinion based on 140 characters is not only ethically wrong – it’s morally lazy.

Note: I have joined a writing group that is a bunch of fun! Requirements are that the story has to be exactly 300 words. There are also three required words that the moderator of the group chooses – the very first word of the story and two others. I’ll put those words in bold. Enjoy!

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