The View

girl on springboardThe view from where I’m standing would be impressive if I could open my eyes. ‘Why am I here? I must be crazy,’ I argue with myself. I shiver in the slight breeze even though the temperature is in the high 80s. Sound is muffled like I’m under water, but I’m not there yet. Read more

A Season of Angels

Feather flying in the air

I haven’t moved a muscle in 8 minutes. I’m focusing on my ragged breathing, trying to calm the horrible wheezing this bronchitis has caused. I’m not often ill. I rarely contract a cold and haven’t had the flu in decades. I consider this illness an inconvenience rather than an occasion for suffering.

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Jeopardy! is about to start

“…who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

A shudder slides down my spine as I sit on a polished wood pew. The organist is playing too loudly as the lector recites a list of names. The named are people who have died during the past year. It’s November 2, the annual All Souls Day remembrance at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. Read more