Sandbar Swim

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Waves glide over my head stealing my breath. Not a swimmer, I push forward toward the prize: a sandbar approximately 200 yards off shore. At least I’m praying that’s what it is and not an oceanic mirage.

Greg slips easily through the water next to me; damn avid swimmer that he is. We met at the local swimming pool when we were teenagers. I remember Greg flying off the diving board and swimming the pool’s length under water; I spectate, a towel around my shoulders.

Minutes before this water adventure I lounged in the sun enjoying the touch of the finest white sand against my skin. I listen as Greg debates possibilities the lighter area ‘out there’ is a sandbar.

“I’m not gonna find out,” I declare for what seems like the hundredth time over the previous three days.

“We could walk to it because the Gulf of Mexico is really shallow. I’ll be right next to you the entire time.” Greg pleads.

“Will you be right next to me as the shark eats me?” I probe.

“Nope, if a shark eats you I’m swimming like hell back to shore to warn the others. Survival of the fittest, you know!”

I pick up some glorious white sand and toss it at him. Once I laugh he knows he’s got me.

Here I am, not walking to the phantom sandbar, but swimming my ass off so I can stand before my heart explodes. I beat back flashes of Jaws while rushing forward over a cool darkness below me. I pray a sea creature doesn’t mistake me for a distressed seal.

Standing, Greg triumphantly exclaims, “See! I told you it was a sandbar!”

Rash decision or not, I feel the excitement of accomplishment shouting with relief as my feet touch the sand.

Note: I have joined a writing group that is a bunch of fun! Requirements are that the story has to be exactly 300 words. There are also three required words the moderator of the group chooses – the very first word of the story and two others. I’ll put those words in bold. Enjoy!

Here is the link to the writing group if you are interested in joining!

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