Art Exchange

BW 2

Impressive portfolio … extremely talented … congratulations you are the recipient … scholarship.” I skim the text on my phone. My head whirls with excitement.

“She got it. She GOT IT!” I shriek at Stella. Lifting her head, weakly tapping her tail on the floor, Stella is drowsily curious at my outburst. Tears hurry to my eyes. Whatever the occasion, tears come unbidden.

My phone buzzes; the screen flashes – EVANNE. I punch the display and bellow, “OH MY GOD!”

“Can you believe it?” Evanne squeals.

I hesitate, stifling my jubilant tears, embarrassed.

“Mom, are you crying?” Not actually a question, only a statement accompanied by a giggle. She knows me too damned well.

“No!” I lie, laughing at her observation.

A prayed for blessing, another step attained in Evanne’s quest to pursue her artistic dreams. Special make-up effects school will build new opportunities. Learning from the gurus in the film industry will prove priceless. I’m beyond ecstatic for her.


evanne witch
First place winner! Evanne loved costumes and makeup at 2-years-old.

Evanne loves artsy endeavors, even as a toddler. I have secreted away an overabundance of Jackson Pollock-esque pieces from the time she could hold a crayon. So many masterpieces created by her young hand. Scribbles, lively colors and mashed up elements. Our game – always the same – ‘Mommy, tell me what it is,’ she’d request, her huge blue eyes shining.


Not wanting to inhibit her imagination or deem a dog a horse or worse, my response taught her to put words to her creations. “You tell me, Evanne. Explain your picture.”

She’d interpret her creation in minute detail. As my excitement grew so did her story. A wonderful exchange I’ll forever cherish.

Evanne matured – her art and our discussions, too. Evanne is teaching me. Her skills, knowledge, and excitement for art are growing into a fantastic future. I look forward to many more exchanges.

Note: I have joined a writing group that is a bunch of fun! Requirements are that the story has to be exactly 300 words. There are also three required words the moderator of the group chooses – the very first word of the story and two others. I’ll put those words in bold. Enjoy!
Here is the link to the writing group if you are interested in joining!

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